Finding Your Inner MockingJay

Ashley at Adair ParkYou do know there are a load of movies and television shows that are filmed in Atlanta each year. With a massive tax write off the production companies get from our state, we are seeing more and more movies being filmed in and around town. I have even nicely accosted a couple movie stars at Whole Foods on Ponce. I did, though, tastefully decide not to take a selfie with them. Mainly because I looked awful.

I digress.

If you want to learn about some of the things being filmed in the city—and want to find out more about your city, you need to take a tour with Atlanta Movie Tours. Seriously. Not only learn really fabulous things about certain productions (like the famed Walking Dead series), but you also go to different neighborhoods you may have never been to before.

Alison and I went on the Victory Tour—well, mainly because I heart Jennifer Lawrence – but truly because we think it is pretty amazing that the Hunger Games movies (Catching Fire and MockingJay) were filmed in and around Atlanta. The tour takes you through parts of the west side of Atlanta including Adair Park where you can see the wall that boasts the words, “THE ODDS ARE NEVER IN OUR FAVOR.”—which if you have seen the movie, you will know Peeta and Katniss see from the train. (Yes, I am geeking out here in this photo.)

Marriot MarquisYou also go to the famed Goat Farm where much of District 12 outside scenes were filmed. And then there is the amazing Marriott Marquis—which if you have never been in—is impressive in and of itself without even thinking about the Hunger Games movies. (Parts of Catching Fire and MockingJay are filmed here including the training for the quarter quell and the rescue of Peeta). Designed by the world renowned architect, John Portman who was from South Carolina and attended GA Tech, the atrium was the largest in the world when completed in 1985. I’m telling you—it is just an amazing building we have here in Atlanta—and we forget about it!

Your last stop on the tour takes you to President Snow’s mansion—or as we know it, the gorgeous Swan House at the Atlanta History Museum in Buckhead. The home and property itself holds a great amount of Atlanta history and if I were writing a history report, I would write about it here. But alas, I am writing about a tour and the History Center has smartly kept the Presidential Office ‘as is’ in the actual home—and you can take a photo at President Snow’s desk. You get lots of behind the scenes information and get to see an amazing home to boot.

So, if you are interested in doing something different and cool and fun and learn about parts of Atlanta you may never have been to, do this tour! (Take a snack though—it is around 3 hours!)