My dog likes to sit in a chair…

Moby in office chairMy dog likes to sit in a chair. At my office. He does so pretty much every day that I am there. It makes me feel happy to have my dog sitting next to me in a regal way looking out the window as though he were pondering all the wonders of life. In reality, Moby is probably just watching for squirrels and people walking dogs. But it is a sight to see. I have people stopping and taking photos every now and again of me and my dog—sitting in chairs side by side looking at the computer screen or out the window.

I am a Realtor and I bring my dogs to work which is pretty special. I am lucky to have colleagues who allow it. Most people who walk through the doors love to be greeted by the pretty large pit bull type dogs lying on the floor soaking up sun. But, Moby is usually just in Travis’s chair and turns around to look at who comes in the office and he then decides if he too will greet them or if they are not worthy of a greet. Travis by the way is a colleague and when he is not around, Moby gets his chair. Otherwise, Moby fits his 80 pound body behind me in my own chair.

Ashley and Moby workingWhen Moby is not sitting in his chair at the office, he and our other dog, Little Girl are traveling around Atlanta making sure the homes I have on the market are all looking spiffy, waiting for me in the backseat of the car while I let clients in homes, and looking out the back windows waiting for me while I meet with a client at a coffee shop. They are truly my Real Estate sidekicks. Every Realtor needs one.